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Motorised Roller Blinds

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We at Blades & Shades use Motolux tubular motors as a versatile solution for motorising our Roller Blinds. The Roller Blind motors are suitable for tube diameters ranging between 38mm and 63mm and are designed for quiet operation.


All Motolux motorised systems include their unique one2one technology. One2one technology allows for motors to be disconnected from remote controls when needed and can communicate with any single motor without the need of power off any other motors on shared channels.

DC Rechargeable Motors:

These rechargeable Roller Blind motors are great for applications where power is difficult to reach and is a much more affordable option for customers who do not wish to hire an electrician for installation. These motors feature 'Soft Start' and 'Soft Stop' allowing for a smooth and quiet operation. The rechargeable DC motors are compatible with all Motolux Hand Held and Wall Mounted remotes as well as automated control through the UFO Smart Hub.

AC Indoor Motors:

These Roller Blind motors are designed to simplify the manufacturing, installation and maintenance processes. The motors are powerful with a torque of 6Nm but are surprisingly quiet and can lift the largest Roller Blinds up to 24sqm like a breeze.

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AC Powered Motors:

Rollease Acmeda has designed motors suitable for medium to large windows and commercial projects. The E range and M range of motors uses AC powered motors which will require a qualified electrician as these motors connect to 240V power and are the ideal hard-wired choice.

Li-Ion Rechargeable Motors:

If you are after a neater and wire-free design, the Li-Ion Zero motors are a great choice for residential homes and small commercial projects. No electrical wiring is required and the receiver antenna is concealed within the motorhead for a simple, clean finish. These lithium ion battery operated motors are rechargeable with a micro-USB port rated to 5V. With this simplicity, the motors have the ability to be installed into existing Rollease Acmeda systems. 

Wanting to reduce your carbon footprint?

A solar panel upgrade is available for the Li-Ion range. These sleek designed solar panels have been improved for better performance in low light situations and are an energy efficient upgrade for these rechargeable motors.

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Wireless, upgradeable and safe; Somfy motors are an innovative solution for your everyday Roller Blind.

Sonesse Roller Blind Motors:

Sonesse Motors provide simple, effortless and quiet operation of your blinds. You are given the option of a fully integrated wired in system or an equally as simple , yet slightly more affordable and environmentally friendly Li-Ion rechargeable option.



The Sonesse are designed for silence and provide extra safety in the home, as motorised blinds do not require chains. These motors are great for areas where chains may otherwise be hard to reach and usability may be limited due to furniture or special health related needs.

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